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Hand Crafted with a unique fusion of rich rural textures and vintage charm.

Evocative of Simpler times.


Inspired by Vermont's rugged Green Mountains, deep shadows and soft fields. The colors are pure, natural, harvested straight from the backs of New England Sheep and Alpaca. The buttons are crafted from wood harvested in small Vermont towns. 


Inspired by the strong palette of Vermont in the Fall, the vibrant red wool is colored with madder, grown and prepared by a local farmer, The contrasting browns and whites are undyed. wood buttons are hand turned and finished by a local craftsman. 


We are driven by a sense of responsibility for our environment, executing each step with great care, to help protect the health and insure the safety of the people and animals who provide materials and craftsmanship. We are also driven by a strong desire to support local craftspeople and small business. We believe that by supporting them, we strengthen the backbone of our community. Each garment is hand crafted according to the wearer's measurements.

Winter Moose cloth is finished by hand in small runs. The final product incorporates the silky feel and gentle sheen of alpaca with the sturdy reliability of sheep's wool. The cream, fawn, black, and rust colored wool is undyed. Each shade is the result of hundreds of years of careful breeding, selecting animals with the finest, brightest color. The other colors in our designs come from, dye plants which grows readily in New England soil.